Long sunny days, warm Summer nights and beautiful sunsets. For most couples, this is how they envisage the day of their wedding, hence the busiest months for the wedding industry being the Summer months. Wedding venues are booked solid, florists, dressmakers, hair and make-up artists, bands and mobile discos are all frantically busy in preparation to be part of the union of many a couple. The same applies to wedding photographers and the long days supply the photographer with an abundance of light and time in which to practice their craft. The weather is also more likely to be your friend, allowing for those outdoor portraits and group shots, although the odds of getting wet through in the Summer here in the UK are a tad more likely.

Weddings are not confined to the Summer months though. Couples are swapping their vows throughout the seasons whether it be through budget or just that it marks a special day for them. Autumn and Winter weddings do require some consideration of course, least not the desire to keep the happy couple and your guests warm and dry but also in terms of the expectations you might have of your photography on the day.

Earlier ceremonies are better during the shorter darker days, this will allow your photographer time to get all the shots you hope for before the daylight slips away. The weather is even less predictable in the Winter months, so being prepared to make some compromises in terms of outdoor shots is important. If it pours with rain, I will do my best to get you outside during a break in the weather but I am not going to ask you to do anything that would ruin your dress on the day. Umbrellas are a must, just in case and can actually make for some very creative photographs. If you can get outside at all Autumn and Winter can provide some very dramatic backdrops, making for some very magical and unique pictures.

For the bride, if it is particularly cold, you might consider some kind of cape, shawl or overcoat that can be thrown over the shoulders, just to avoid those goosebumps.

If its raining cats and dogs or the snow is ten feet deep, I will endeavour to make the most of our available surroundings but whatever weather, you will be focussed on much more important things to let it spoil your day.

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