I shoot a bit of a mixed bag. During the getting ready, I will generally shoot all the chaos without much direction but you will forgive me if I spot a good opportunity or some really good light and I steal you away for a moment. For the most part I will be in the background capturing the day as it unwinds. There will be key moments that I may offer a little direction, just so that we don’t miss anything you’d want to remember. I can do formal group shots but I suggest you consider trying to keep these down to between 6-8 groups, it can eat away at the quality time that I’m sure you’d prefer to be spending with your family and guests, as this often ends in the bride and groom being involved in the organisation of these. If you can delegate this to someone else, then all the better. Of course no wedding album would be complete without some images of the bride and groom sharing some quiet time together.

Do you take group shots?
Most of my couples want some group shots that serve as a reminder of all the family and friends who were there on the day.  I will of course be happy to capture these for you but I suggest you consider keeping these to a minimum, usually six to eight shots covers everyone.  Bear in mind that you should allow four or five minutes to locate everyone and get the shot done which eats into the time you have to mingle with your guests.  It’s better if you can make a list of the shots and delegate one or two of the wedding party to round everyone up for each shot.  This will save either one of you having to worry about this and allow you to focus on each other.
So what does a days coverage include?
Usually I arrive nice and early for the bride getting ready and document everything up to a little while after first dance and capture some of the action on the dance floor.  However, if you have fireworks or something else planned for later in the evening, we can discuss this and I am happy to hang around as long as you need me.
What happens if it rains?
Don’t panic!  As much as I wish control over the weather was one of the strings to my bow, there is no getting away from the fact that the only thing predictable about the UK weather is that it is unpredictable.  Please, don’t let this ruin the day and take your focus off the true meaning of the day.  The rain can make for some really creative images and I always have one very large white umbrella and one very large black umbrella in the car as back up.

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